a long overdue update :~)

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hey guys, just an update from your favorite self deprecating fashionista.

i’m still alive and well (unfortunately).

last week, i went blank (update-less) on my blog, which was weird to do, because up ’til recently i had been posting fairly consistently.

my reasoning for this was due to feeling like the emotional equivalent of poop all week. seriously, i’ve been wrapped up in an emotional malaise that has been worse than any i can remember in quite some time. frankly, this was good ol’ wholesome ‘bleak-outlook’ depression, not the ‘something awful happened to me’ catalytic type of dark clouds depression. it was pretty gnarly to say the least, (to clarify: i am using gnarly as a measure of badness, not goodness, this is a wholly contextual construct— as gnarly can go either way). Continue reading → a long overdue update :~)

some highlights of a very swift weekend


i suppose the way time elapses will never be contingent to the way we wish it would.

i find that days come and go rapidly. however, just as they move quickly, they can simultaneously be achingly long. sadly, whether they’re good days or bad days; time is indiscriminate and just seems to move at whatever pace it pleases. that sucks, but i suppose there’s no point of prodding at this concept like an out of tune existential dirge.

now that i’ve set the stage in a very melodramatic and morose way, i’d like to proceed with some moments of a fun and fattening weekend. **aside from my dad being annoying, (seriously, eventually i will write a big, ranty, and hyper-aggressive post about our relationship, soon, it’s coming…). Continue reading → some highlights of a very swift weekend

five songs i’ve been listening to a lot

hello hello,

i just wanted to share a few songs with y’all (or mostly for myself to click ‘play’ on when i have to edit my blog).

i’m not much of a music snob, but i do take a lot of creative inspiration from music that suits my mood; or music that i may hear in a specific mood that i now associate with that temperament.

anyway, some of these songs are new and some aren’t, they’re just stuff that i like right now~ maybe you’ll like some of them too, or maybe you already do/don’t, and that’s okay too.

aco – spleen

diet cig – dinner date

the shins – heartworms (their flipped version)

belle & sebastian – i want the world to stop

alvvays – archie marry me

(tbh i could have dedicated this entire audio post to alvvays, bc their music is so fucking good, but i figured for diversity’s sake, i’d share a bit more than just them).

anyway happy saturday you guys~ ʕ≧ᴥ≦ʔ