i’ve been archiving all of my potential blog posts/ideas into word docs bc i’m bad at being proactive ((pretty sure the antonym would just be reactive)) and always put off things i really ought to be doing.

with that said, i’m here now, unloading my thoughts, for nobody myself.

i just wanted to take a moment to acknowledge my intended purpose for this blog… however, i’ve yet to actually figure out how to verbally actualize that purpose; so i added an image from my journal to show what it’s supposed to be like… eventually(??).

a self-aware nod to my penmanship: the folly of suburban youth

first: please don’t flame me for the fact that i had to cross out the date and rewrite it. i already admitted that i am not good at following through.

realistically– i would love to do all of these things and actually upkeep them in a redeemable and timely fashion ((no materialistic pun intended)).


with all of this in mind, please feel free to comment on or criticize my narrow and nihilistic tendencies blog.

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