hi everyone, (or no one) — ((i can’t yet decide whether i have an audience or not)).

today i got a package from Japan: and like any good baka gaijin, i knew it was my duty to share this special moment with myself online you…

aesthetic. ((please don’t hyper-zoom-in and find my address)).

here it is, my….parcel. like most of you guys, when i get a foreign package delivered, my heart flutters like a kid in middle school with their crush (who happens to actually like them back, in tsundere fashion).

this is a …cutting edge type of parcel, you can tell

fyi: both of my hands were shaky during this depiction, it took me 5 mins to get a clear photo.


turns out my scissors were duller than my blog content, so i needed to pull out.. the big guns knife.

fyi: i narrowly avoided cutting into the contents of my package; the table was less fortunate :’-(

apparently Japanese people really like Inception.

i believe there is a shrek metaphor that could epitomize this package-inside-package concept.


fyi: at this point, i was more spellbound and impressed with how well packaged and folded this was than i was with the actual contents.


as the Japanese would say, “ジャーン !”… (for you non-weeaboo’s that’s the rough equivalent of ‘ta-da’).

(i promise i’m not being appropriating…i can actually confirm this, i studied Japanese).

finally! now i can bring even more shame to my entire clan family!

so this is it. i know. i am disappointed in myself too…

and before anyone criticizes me… just know this: i am already fragile and cannot take much more… so, finish me off please don’t.

but seriously, i’m not even really into Punpun anymore, and i don’t try to romanticize it either, i just love the design of Aiko and Asano’s artwork. funny enough, i actually owned this shirt previously, but my old one is really faded and has holes in it now. fortunately, i found this one on buyee.jp for like….¥1200 ($11); and honestly at that price, it was hard to say no. (most people could say no).

plus, i actually like the slender cut of this shirt, it’s sort of hard to find American shirts with a baby doll-esque cut that isn’t directly designed for …women.

so leave me alone.

just kidding! don’t leave. please.

hope this was fun to read through…. maybe i’ll post a fit pic in the future (´• ω •`)


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