vb 1:20:18.png
look at that SHY P O W E R STANCE!!!

hi! yesterday i received a super exciting package that i hadn’t anticipated getting for another few months.

back in like… november or december jil sander made some of their new SS18 items available for preorder; of course, i was excited to become even poorer browse their selection! frankly, i had mixed feelings, because i haven’t really been impressed since Lucie and Luke Meier became co-creative directors. while i think the duo have a lot of talent and great ideas, i simply haven’t seen a lot of their garments being well-executed since taking up the helm at jil sander. a lot of their items seem like rebranded/offshoot ideas from some of Luke’s work at OAMC. even though i think that it’s sometimes charming to carry your ideas with you from one label to another, i believe that it is also important to diverge from a comfortable, yet linear design perspective.

with that said…the item that i preordered is this:

JilSanderSS18RedSweater_burned_burned (1).png
a lot of readers might not dig this or think it’s all too cool, (in fact, most of my friend’s told me to return it; their general reaction seemed to collectively be, “eh”). of course, like any person blindly seeking validation, i discarded all dissenting opinions and mentally refuted them; ultimately, i chose to keep it.

texturally, it hits all the right notes for me, and pattern-wise, i think it’s very unique, wearable, and just edgy enough to find its place nestled into a lot of my outfits/compositions

as far as the fit goes… it fits me…perfectly (???), which is very rare, since i have behemoth-sized broad shoulders, ((seriously, my shoulders are like 90° angles)). the fit is what really convinced me it was keeper.

anyway, i’m just real happy and figured i’d share this new acquisition with myself the world! let me know what you guys think! 🙂 and if you had any styling ideas or tips, let me know too!

also, how’s everyone doing today?? — well, i hope. today i felt like the epitome of despair and mitigated these pangs with two jumbo coffees and some lasagna, (not at the same time). this strategic consumption seemed to help because now i feel ……. 💯💯💯💯, as the millennials would say.

anyway farewell friends, until next update!~


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