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i was too lazy to blend these pics in a cohesive manner, with that said, i’ve been a little transient over my weekend and for a good portion of my week, but i wanted to share some recent highlights!

i hope that by showcasing the past few days, i can try and be a little more positive, since most of the time, my general temperament is discontent and not very uplifting.

so..from left to right and so on, i’d like to shortly discuss every image and what my ‘happy’ association is to each, respectively.

(please note: this photo set is not chronological!):

1.) i made some REALLY good ass tofu. as i’ve mentioned in my bio, i really enjoy cooking. it’s a therapeutic outlet that my mother has deeply instilled in me. this was the best meal i’ve made myself in a while, since usually i’m not all that satisfied with what i make. so here’s the rundown of how i entered flavortown: i cooked some veggies in my wok and seasoned those bad boys with sesame oil, ginger, some gochujang, and whatever else i found in my cabinet. then, i put a hard sear on my tofu and lightly seasoned it with soy sauce and yuzu rice vinegar. the photo is cropped and not very representative of how good it was, but i was super happy with the end result. also as an added bonus, the tofu was on sale, so i’ll be remaking it later next week~!

2.) this is a pic of some french toast from a cute lil rustic brunch spot that i frequent in the lower east side. i’m really into sweet food and i was pleasantly surprised by how good this was! it had a cool apple compote on top and was an ideal textural balance that you look for in french toast: not too crispy, not too soft, with a good bite to it. (also, idk if it was actually a compote, it was quite thick and was almost a cross between that and a jam of sorts). anyway, lots of smiling and eating ensued after this was taken.

3.) on my way back from eating brunch, i was walking and saw MANY excellent animals-friends!!! this specimen in particular possessed such a jarring life-mood. so much so, that i had to stop walking and capture its expression! the pose says it all; a desperate longing to leap out of the car window and run freely in stuyvesant square park.

4.) this is a blackboard that is posted on the wall at a café in red hook, ny, (which is really close to where my mom lives; so, her and i go there quite often)! they always have really funny and…wild events going on there; it’s a really cute and quirky safe space. personally, i’ve never related to a sign more than when i saw the “conspiracy theory club” posting on there. remember y’all, jet fuel can’t melt steel beams~

5.) this was an ever-trendy matcha latte that i got at the café i mentioned above, it was reaaaally perfect, at least by my standards. i’m pretty critical about matcha-flavored stuff, because of how infiltrated into youth culture it is. this green tea has cemented itself as a staple in the millennial starter-pack. but! it was good, unpretentious and balanced well, between bitter/sweet.

6.) lastly, is this glorious, charcoal colored chunk that i saw near some apartment buildings. this was also on the same walk to see my sister, after i ate brunch last sunday. it was SO obese, probably the fattest squirrel, i have ever seen. as i caught it waddling in my periphery, i had to stop and fiendishly appreciate and marvel at this beast. clearly, this squirrel was ready for the winter. the only accurate comparison that i can relate to this chunkster is Sandy during her hibernation.

anyway, that’s a little summary of things that i enjoyed over the last 5-6 days. my life might not be compote jam-packed with thrilling stuff, but i am actively trying to take time to smile at silly and fun things that i see and experience.

hope you guys are having an okay week! and even if you’re not, just know that i care and that i recommend some self-care in the form of pizza, re-watching yugioh (definitely not projecting or hyper nostalgic), or whatever else makes you happy, as your weekend approaches~ (。^‿^。)

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