greetings travelers: today i have for you (mostly for me, truthfully) a little photo story on a new thing that i bought!~ ((yay capitalism)).


i’ll keep this preface short:

Our Legacy is a brand that i wanted to do a write-up on at some point, because of how significantly their clothing had/has impacted my entry into fashion. i still patronize their e-shop constantly, arguably more than any other brand. i was going to ramble about the the ethos of the label and why they’re so great, but i have a quote saved from co-creator, Cristopher Nying, that does the job seamlessly, and allows me to be lazy (what’s new)?. the vision and aim of the duo is simply, “to create timeless garments in a natural, well-dressed, and comfortable way… not over-strained…sophisticated yet light and nonchalant; made to look thrown together in a perfectly natural way…”.
now, even though i love dressing up and putting myself “together”, a goal of mine is to always evoke artful simplicity and be able to nail the, “i just threw this stuff together, because i was ((most commonly)) late, or for reasons x, y, and z” aesthetic… which i can only hope i am achieving at this stage in my life!

with that all said, i will discuss OL later on, but for now, we will get into the pictures!

be still my arrhythmic heart…(please?)

(i don’t actually have an arrhythmia; don’t be like me and joke about that stuff, it sucks).

always quick to cut to the chase.

spoiler, i actually didn’t need to use my scissors, Our Legacy’s tape peels very easily, so rest easy knowing that no boxes were harmed in this depiction.

can we just appreciate that Our Legacy has so much brand integrity that they now include labeled dust bags and silver tape inside their packages. this is on top of their already logo-embellished boxes AND logo’d tape that they use to seal their parcels.

on a real note: i actually love when brands/companies do this..(such as: Our Legacy, Mr. Porter, and End.), it makes their parcels seem so much more personalized and exciting to open. but, maybe that’s just me being a square. (i recognize that most packages are shipped in rectangular boxes, let me live).

the aforementioned silver OUR LEGACY tape.

damn, i don’t think i’ll ever have my own legacy with how much ‘Legacy’ these guys adorn. har har har.

rest in pieces, kermit.

true story: my stepbrother saw me wearing this today and said , “[you] look like [you] skinned kermit the frog”..ouch.

never forghetti.

honestly, i didn’t even need to make a meme or copypasta related joke (sorry); the product color name is so funny on its own, god bless.

look at this fuzzy texture!!!! my materialistic ass is in love.

i didn’t bother taking other photos of it laid out, because the lighting in my room sucks. i really need to stop spaghetting to pre-plan these photo stories and take pictures in well-lit parts of my home. oh well.

now for some info: originally, i saw this on the photoset from Our Legacy’s SS18 runway show and  immediately knew that i needed this to be a part of my ongoing cardigan fan club wardrobe. however, when i saw that they had finally released this sweater, i was thrilled, but my excitement was quickly met with sadness when i saw their price-point. Our Legacy has become pretty well known (and disliked) for their price-spikes each season, and this one was/is quite unforgiving, to say the least. even with my VAT tax discount it was extremely costly.

however, i did some thinking on whether it was worth it to me, and ultimately, i decided that it was. (plus, Our Legacy has a pretty good return policy, even as an international buyer), so i figured, why not?

now, as i’ve mentioned, Our Legacy hasn’t been particularly praised by some of their longstanding fanbase. they’ve been met with fair amount of criticism in regard to their price increases, new season designs, and quality (my biggest grievance with OL, ugh, i really wish they would move their production to Italy, since they can certainly afford it now). with that said, i personally love(d) Our Legacy’s current season and both their previous AW17 collection and pre spring ’18 stuff too! maybe it’s because a lot of these current designs fall directly in line with my style and are…as Our Legacy generally intends, very wearable. on top of that, i find their grungy inspired garments to be a delight, and as the angst prince, this is quite high praise. especially since it’s a bit hard to find… interesting grunge-inspired clothing; despite there being a seemingly oversaturated market for a… ‘grunge’ aesthetic.

anyway, here’s a quick fit of me wearing it! i will provide a better one in the near future, but this is for now!

Screen Shot 2018-01-26 at 11.15.30 PM.png
i swear that my vans weren’t a weird choice; it’s the angle that messed up how my vans appear and i acknowledge that they aren’t very flattering in my pic, but trust me.

anyway 🙂 that’s my rant for today!~ hope y’all have a lovely evening.

with that…paul is….out ( ̄^ ̄)ゞ


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