isolation chamber screenshot 1.0.png

i don’t have much to say, just wanted to drop in a little visual with some art i’ve been digging lately, (esp Borremans’, ‘red hand green hand), which is a relatable figure that i’ll examine for a moment…

i really admire his ability to capture and underline somber narratives by means of juxtaposing a sense of nostalgic antiquity contrasted by familiar discomfort. it’s almost like a sense of old and new, converging within a grotesque contemporary atmosphere. i feel it is easy to stretch his narrative to coincide with my own. for me, in discomfort there is both fleeting safety and the unknown amassing congruently. perhaps it’s just a manifest of anxiety or apathy, or both(?), but at any rate, it all feels relative. in sum, his work is generous in lending itself to my own emotional continuum.

of course, there are plenty of other artists and creatives that i borrow from, (as are pictured), but figured i’d forego discussing all of them, and focus on one that continues to produce and inspire me.

i think a lot of this was spurred from the book i’m currently reading. which discusses the arduous process of preserving the meaning of a contemporary body, or whether the progression of it’s meaning is meant to be fluid. it clearly differs depending on the respective artist, but it’s very provocative, especially in how it also relates to fashion, trends, and such!

okay… moving on, i’ll have a little photo set on monday(?) to talk about my weekend, (spoiler: it’s mostly food-related), but that’s about all that’s going on with me!〔´∇`〕

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