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i suppose the way time elapses will never be contingent to the way we wish it would.

i find that days come and go rapidly. however, just as they move quickly, they can simultaneously be achingly long. sadly, whether they’re good days or bad days; time is indiscriminate and just seems to move at whatever pace it pleases. that sucks, but i suppose there’s no point of prodding at this concept like an out of tune existential dirge.

now that i’ve set the stage in a very melodramatic and morose way, i’d like to proceed with some moments of a fun, fattening, and semi-tumultuous weekend. 

by most standards, this weekend was pretty tame, (not that it means much, considering i’m about as exciting as instant jello). but i did have a few things in mind… admittedly 90% of these ambitions were food-related. but, that’s a pretty exciting prospect for someone like me.

my mom had some food that she had given me during my visit earlier last week. most of the food was very …American, compared to what my preferential foods are. yet, i was pretty pumped to cook some of it up, since they were a little different than my average meal(s).

so, on friday, i decided to make cheese steaks with some really good organic roast beef that my mom’s friend, (who owns an organic market) had given her, since it was about to be thrown out, due to exceeding its shelf-life. again, i’m not the biggest fan of red meat… all, but my girlfriend is. i knew she’d enjoy it, plus it’s an incredibly easy meal to prep. so, i figured, “why not?!”.

it was a lovely success! aside from my dad being annoying, (seriously, eventually i will write a big, ranty, and hyper-aggressive post about our relationship, soon, it’s coming…).

(Rebecca: eating for context! …i realized after i posted this, that this is actually a photo of her eating a buffalo chicken sandwich from sunday….but whatever, basically the same thing, right?…you get the idea.)

i always exclaim that i fell in love with my girlfriend’s stomach and mind at the same time (‘∀’●)♡

on saturday, things were slow, i had a lot of coffee and tried to be productive (by means of applying to jobs). afterward, i went to the mall with Rebecca, mostly for the purpose of buying some new vans, because i destroyed my old pair during my time in Spain. sadly, most of the retail spaces that carry vans have either been gutted or are missing from the mall-scape. the visit resulted in being a bit of a sobering reminder of how the internet has killed mall culture. however, don’t mistake me for complaining, to be honest, i get terrible mall syndrome after like… 45 minutes of stumbling around any institutional and placid retail wasteland, so i’m okay with this being erased.

below i’ve attached a photo of a once-thriving foodcourt, that now only has a small smoothie kiosk and a very longstanding “Asian Chao”…(seriously this place has been in this mall for like 15 years). IMG_7514.jpg

anyway, moving on..after some errands and whatnot, we returned home and i started prepping dinner, which ended up being another food my mom had given me to use. this time it was….hotdogs. again, not something i eat…ever. (although, i will admit, that i have a super weak spot for hotdogs, they were a staple food during my childhood).

((note: i couldn’t find a photo of me eating a hotdog as a child, but here’s one that’s equally telling)):


anyway, my logical conclusion of what to use these hotdogs for was pretty straightforward. among my friends, it is known that i love salchipapas, so i had to seize the opportunity to make them!

~ahh, they’re so childish and simple, it makes my soul sing! ♪(ノ´∀`*)ノ

naturally, i made homemade fries and some salsa fresca, to accompany the hotdogs; (this was my way of being slightly more cultured).

Screen Shot 2018-01-29 at 4.18.03 PM.png


overall, i was very happy with the end results, even though my blood pressure and cholesterol were screaming.

anyway, with all of that said, my weekend obviously had some ups and downs (i wanted to focus mostly on the good), but i’m still pretty happy for the most part.

also, i sold a few things on Grailed and had my first sale on Heroine, (have i mentioned how much i dislike this name?), and that definitely helped lift my mood. also i cannot believe how much more pleasant the users on Heroine are, at least compared to Grailed! it reminded me of how decent of a place Grailed used to be, during its nascence. but whatever, good things never last lol. ((with this in mind, i’m actually thinking of setting up a little private marketplace on my own site…i may even combine it with my blog, who knows?)).

last stream of consciousness thought: WOW i am so so so happy about that cardigan i purchased, it might even replace my shaggy N(N) cardigan as my favorite throw over piece! here’s a pic i posted on my instagram, you guys have probably seen it, but for anyone that hasn’t, here it is; also if you notice~ i am wearing my Aiko shirt from my first ‘pick up’ post! (lol does anyone actually read my blog outside of IG users? idk, but i appreciate every person who is kind enough to read about my droll life). IMG_7508.jpg

with that… i am out! have a lovely week, friends ٩(^ᴗ^)۶

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