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hello, hello, my pals, i am back with a small photo story and a bit of commentary on the third iteration of the Grailed 100.

anyway, lets start with my new pickup and then i’ll chitchat a bit about Grailed…

we meet again, old friend.

~ this time i was smart enough to conceal my address with my knife.

IMG_7548 2.jpg
if blink 182 played in a forest, but no one was around to hear them, would “adam’s song” still be depressing?

the answer is yes. and jeez, when’s the last time anyone has thought about Zumiez, (at least outside the context of a mall)?

this bag looks like it listens to pop punk, and verbally says, “XD”

who would have thought: “paul in 2018 will be posting about a ‘latest pickup’, from Zumiez”….this surely is MY year.

boy, i wonder what it could be??

you’d think with all their modern success, Vans would update their graphic design/logo art, it just feels like their brand identity is stuck in 2008.

at this point, if you aren’t sure what these are, then you have successfully avoided sinking into our dualistic meme/fashion culture, congratulations, soldier.

as i opened these, i could instantly smell a gnarly ollie waiting to be popped.

what a lovely centerpiece for my table.

truthfully, these are way nicer in person than i was expecting…



just kidding! i’m actually real excited about these, i very much needed a new pair of vans. i mentioned in my last post that i had failed to find a pair at my local mall, therefore i decided that i ought to order a pair.

so, yesterday i did just that!

now, may i emphasize the fact that i ordered these yesterday. i ordered these at 4:00pm yesterday and Zumiez CONFIRMED my order and SHIPPED these at 4:06pm, that means one of two things:

they are either the best/most attentive company on this planet OR they are in desperate need of business. i don’t know whether to be thrilled or depressed.

at any rate, i’m still in shock about this, so much so that i’ve added a photo below as proof:

Screen Shot 2018-01-30 at 5.31.14 PM.png

i don’t even know what to say…

moving on….i will add that these vans are actually fantastic, the color is exactly what i was hoping for, far better than their online depiction.

now, if it isn’t sort of apparent, green is my favorite color, and boy do i wear it often.

here is me, wearing my new green vans and olive drab pants, what a surprise.

overall, i’m psyched about these, i ordered an 11.5, a half size larger than my last pair (size 11), mostly because my toe ended up poking through the canvas at the toe box, so i’m hoping a half a size larger will prevent/mitigate my toes from rubbing against the interior fabric.

with all of this said, i am a happy camper.

my major takeaway: i highly recommend ordering from Zumiez… (i promise i am not sponsored, lol). seriously, i didn’t even pay for shipping, (it’s free after $40), and here i am, not even 24 hours later, wearing my new shoes!!!!

okay, now that all this happy stuff has been discussed, lets move onto my next subject, the AW18 ‘Grailed 100’ debut.

now, as you can probably guess, given my general apathy towards Grailed and their ‘community’, i truly had no opinion on the newest iteration of their marketing ploy ‘community giveback’.

of course, from an idealistic standpoint, it would be nice to be able to have a shot at buying some uncommon clothes at fair prices. sadly, this is not the reality of the situation, given the way that modern Grailed users function; (i.e. a full communal intent of reselling). naturally, making some easy money by reselling clothing is a lucrative prospect and not all that bad in theory. however, the discrepancy of exploiting the desperation/willingness of others, (who ‘want’ a particular garment), by means of grossly over-inflating their original price(s) has become rampant and a common practice in the fashion community. these price fluxes and volatile market culture are inherently problematic from a community and economic standpoint, and most certainly have been perpetuated by Grailed and Instagram.

now, i won’t bother trying to take the ‘holier than thou’ approach, because i’m guilty of reselling clothing too. even though, my intentions have never been “consciously exploitative” and were/are always following the principle of: “buy to keep…but if it doesn’t fit or was impulsive, then resell it, for the same price or… more“. again, i’m not a saint, i’m just a person with a principle-based selling ideology; that’s just how i am. anyway, this argument will perpetually be smacked back and forth, and it seems aimless, but i must say that with each new ‘Grailed 100’ release, the market becomes increasingly infiltrated with these toxic resellers.

for that reason, i chose to abstain from participating, mostly because i want to actively decrease my patronage to Grailed, who i partially blame for this negative trend.

additionally, i feel like every year the ‘Grailed 100’ stays fairly static, with a very stagnant marketing DNA. they’re constantly pedestaling the same designers and coveted garments. the frustrating part is that i feel this is a bit of a missed opportunity, where Grailed could nurture the community, feeding them knowledge and creating awareness/exposure to lesser known creatives/labels. this creative expansion would surely not sell as well as musty ‘archival’ Raf Simons garments, but it would at least be exciting and a somewhat positive giveback. however, at the end of the day, Grailed is a business and money speaks louder than the concept of embracing what could be a community within its domain.

not much else to be said, it’s sort of like beating a dead horse at this point. my only real opinion on how to combat this issue is by patronizing stores/not buying from Grailed or resellers. i personally use yahoo Japan and have friends in Japan proxy for me quite a bit, but even Japanese auction sites seem a bit oversaturated with resellers. this realm of fashion is a tough paradigm to crack, to say the least.

in closing, i hope all of my readers (1-2 people, probably) consider the potential damage of this cultural mentality on secondhand fashion and avoid these toxicities, if and where possible.

okay i’m done, goodbye for now, friends. 🙂 stay warm!

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