booty_bay_bruiser.v6068_burned (1).png “yo”, you’re here at my blog, probably wondering, “why?”, well don’t worry, friend, i don’t know either. ((i realize that starting my ‘about’ section off with a retro WoW meme is not enticing))…

anyway, now that we’ve acknowledged the tenuous existential totality of my blog, i’m excited to move forward with telling you a little about moi.



i am Paul! also known as kurama, i am 23, if i was to be described in one word, it would be “maudlin”.

  1.  i am very into clothes, i love/hate fashion, i don’t know why fashion makes me so anxious, but it does.
  2.  i love cooking and running (i do not combine the two) ((i also realize the former is not conducive with fashion AT ALL)).
  3. i am unsure of what i want as my future career, but i’m also specific and idealistic.
  4. i studied political science and graduated in 2016 with a B.A., not really interested in pursuing a career related to it; please don’t talk to me about school.
  5. strengths: i excel at excel spreadsheets (the more arbitrary its purpose the better), communicating with humans, being too nice, feigning my comfort in public settings, and being unmarketable.

miscellaneous stuff that i like:
fiber art, poetry, flowers, walking, drinking coffee, walking to get coffee, getting nicely dressed up to get coffee and then coming home, putting on sweatpants and sleeping.
i am an A+ art appreciator, i study art criticism and theory for fun — (i will probably blog a bit about ongoing NYC exhibits that i’ve seen/enjoyed).
lastly, my favorite article of clothing are cardigans. i wear them a lot. if i were to try and describe my style, i’d say: ‘aggressively moody’… like old-man meets punky youth. these are some figures of inspiration that i relate to.

Thank you for checking out my ‘lil blog, it’s quite flattering and i hope my content is relatable and enjoyable to view! ٩(θ‿θ)۶