these are some of my current wardrobe favorites!! (please note: i may update this page periodically to display my style growth and what i’ve been digging lately)!

for anyone wondering how much stuff i own: the answer is not that much~~ i actually have a pretty strict rule on buying/wearing clothes. there is a duality of buying things to wear constantly vs. only wearing them once or twice that i think a lot of us (consumers) deal with.
to combat this, i keep a wardrobe folder on my computer of all current things own. i use this to understand patterns in my own buying habits and measure how my taste has developed or remained consistent. in comprehending this purchasing discrepancy i’m able to avoid future impulse buys (buyer beware: cataloguing won’t prevent your 2 AM shopping frenzies).
not kidding (´・ω・`)
i’ll talk more about my style and identity later, (also on my ‘about’ page, you can find a short bit of info on my “style”). however, some short comments/notes on what i empirically like: cardigans (i live for them, i layer them practically everyday, regardless of weather); high-waisted trousers (i’ve tried a million different types of pant, the fabric is pretty irrelevant, it’s all based on the cut for me).
lastly, in life, i am detail and art-oriented, this is projected into my style through unique textures, fabrics, and minute details. (i really love funky textured stuff, my favorite fiber is wool and it’s pretty apparent when you see how i dress daily).
anyway, here are some of my favorite garments within my wardrobe:

Screen Shot 2018-01-16 at 80928 PM_burned.png
Screen Shot 2018-04-12 at 2.41.21 PM_burned.png

so, yeah… this isn’t by any means a comprehensive view of my favorite garments, but i wanted to show you some things that i wear around 1-3 times a week.
((from top left to right: acne – ‘concrete’ crew, bought this sweatshirt at retail and it’s been with me through some real shit; jil sander – 2017 trousers, they’re high waisted and cropped, basically my ideal type of pants; n(n) – Patti Smith t shirt, i really adore Patti, (and what better way to show my love than by wearing her skeleton?). bottom left to right: undercover – ‘melting pot’ bomber, i got this from Grailed’s first ‘drop’, back in 2016, really cool and warm, very subtle… the story of how i managed to snag it is pretty nutty, not really sure if i was fast or lucky, but whatever, it’s my most worn jacket tbh; ann d – scamosciato sneakers, these are my favorite shoes, i wear them nearly everyday, they’re the most important article of clothing i own; our legacy – ss18 green ‘spaghetti (lol)’ cardigan, bc i’ll do anything to bastardize emulate Kurt and bc goddamn OL’s new season is a hit.))
in the future i’ll probably keep this page updated, rather than keep it static, to show any progressions, whether it be weeding things out or picking stuff up, but the new pickups will most likely be posted in my ‘new acquisitions’ posting section.
i’ll also continue to mention some wardrobe favorites and new acquisitions, but that will be done in separate blog posts.