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being 23…the culling of youth and the void’s vessel?

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hi, whether you do or don’t know me, i will say my name again, i am Paul.

originally i was going to name this rant: ‘why i hate interning‘, but i felt that title was too unambiguous.

with that said, i wanted to zoom-out and speak somewhat more generally….about something i feel like is a mutual pang for young adults.

so… today i will complain about discuss work/interning and why my life is so decidedly frustrating and could be described as one deep long sigh.

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a new pick up and a little check-in (and a vb ft. bad selfie)

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look at that SHY P O W E R STANCE!!!

hi! yesterday i received a super exciting package that i hadn’t anticipated getting for another few months.

back in like… november or december jil sander made some of their new SS18 items available for preorder; of course, i was excited to become even poorer browse their selection! frankly, i had mixed feelings, because i haven’t really been impressed since Lucie and Luke Meier became co-creative directors. while i think the duo have a lot of talent and great ideas, i simply haven’t seen a lot of their garments being well-executed since taking up the helm at jil sander. a lot of their items seem like rebranded/offshoot ideas from some of Luke’s work at OAMC. even though i think that it’s sometimes charming to carry your ideas with you from one label to another, i believe that it is also important to diverge from a comfortable, yet linear design perspective.

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hi, paul here: unwrapping a package..from….Japan !!?

hi everyone, (or no one) — ((i can’t yet decide whether i have an audience or not)).

today i got a package from Japan: and like any good baka gaijin, i knew it was my duty to share this special moment with myself online you…

aesthetic. ((please don’t hyper-zoom-in and find my address)).

here it is, my….parcel. like most of you guys, when i get a foreign package delivered, my heart flutters like a kid in middle school with their crush (who happens to actually like them back, in tsundere fashion).

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hello. it’s me, paul, i’m pissed, and this is a long post about art and fashion

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this is an example of my lackluster photo editing skills; you see, i enjoy making moody collages for creative/relaxation purposes. however, i’ve been very reluctantly putting off  a much needed re-subscription of adobe CS,  most notably PS and Illustrator. seriously, i’ve been using free software and powerpoint and it is wonderfully awful. truthfully, i’ve been kind of dreading upgrading to better programs, (mostly because then i would have to relearn so many things, and we all know that learning eats butt is important). also i wouldn’t be able to use my lack of useful programs as an excuse for my poor quality.

earlier today i had made an enormous post, within it, i discussed traditional art in relation to fashion. sadly, as fate would have it, that post got eaten by wordpress, because it’s a piece of shit platform complicated domain.

consequently, i’m very sad! with that said, i tried again to deliver my thoughts on the aforementioned…

without further ado, here is my discussion, which i will begin by standing high upon my soapbox…

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step 1: being immaterial

i’ve been archiving all of my potential blog posts/ideas into word docs bc i’m bad at being proactive ((pretty sure the antonym would just be reactive)) and always put off things i really ought to be doing.

with that said, i’m here now, unloading my thoughts, for nobody myself.

i just wanted to take a moment to acknowledge my intended purpose for this blog… however, i’ve yet to actually figure out how to verbally actualize that purpose; so i added an image from my journal to show what it’s supposed to be like… eventually(??).

a self-aware nod to my penmanship: the folly of suburban youth

first: please don’t flame me for the fact that i had to cross out the date and rewrite it. i already admitted that i am not good at following through.

realistically– i would love to do all of these things and actually upkeep them in a redeemable and timely fashion ((no materialistic pun intended)).


with all of this in mind, please feel free to comment on or criticize my narrow and nihilistic tendencies blog.