here’s a smol list of my current wtb’s that i can’t seem to find on the market or at least not at a ‘reasonable’ price range — if anyone actually sees any of this stuff being consigned online, please reach out!

left to right: Ann Demeulemeester – (FW03) Navy Moon Tee (size S/M) – (really hopeful on finding this one); Takahiro Miyashita – Black/Grey Reworked Levi’s ‘The Jean’, (these are slowly becoming a meme, but if anyone knows where i can grab a size 50 or size XL pair lmk!); Robert Geller – Gradient Sweatshirt in Black/Grey Gradating color way, (i didn’t realize this color/style would become so difficult to track down T_T).
left to right: Our Legacy – (FW 2017) Check Mohair Cardigan, (size S/M — i had many chances to buy this but didn’t, and now i’m sorely regretting my inaction, this is probably my #1 or #2 wtb right now); Guidi – M10 Messenger Bag, (preferably in full grain horse leather, and in this color, i’d really prefer grey/brown to the black one’s that seem ubiquitous online).